While Survd is already super easy to use and style, we know that anything we can do to help make your survey development even faster is just going to bring extra value to our product. So, we've put together a number of templates that you can download and import into your own Survd installation.

Survey Templates

As of version 1.0.4, Survd includes an import/export function, which allows you to download survey structure in XML format, and load structures back into Survd. It's a simple and easy way of moving and replecating surveys between installations, or even just to creat backups.

It's also the perfect avenue for importing pre-constructed survey templates!

So, we've put together a collection of different survey templates that Survd users can download and import into their own installations. With the right template, you can download, import and deploy extensive surveys in just a matter of minutes.

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Style Templates

While Survd is specfically designed to produce unstyled HTML, allowing you to customize the design yourself, we recognize that some users may prefer to have some styling options. As of Survd 1.1, surveys now support auto-styling.

We've also added the ability to import addon styles, based on a custom templates that we've put together specifically for Survd users!

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Value Sets

When you're setting up surveys, sometimes you will find yourself using the same value sets over and over again. As of Survd 1.1, we have introduced a value set library, which allows you to deploy commonly used value sets in your questions.

Survd comes with a handful of built-in sets, and also allows users to save their own sets. Additionally, we are also creating addon sets that Survd users can download and install for use in their own surveys.

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We've also added survey-side support for languages beyond just English. This means that automatically generated labels in Yes/No, True/False and date type questions will actually render in the selected language. Survd currently comes packages with French, Spanish, Italian, German and Dutch, but there is a continuously growing collection of addons that you can download from this site.

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Survd is developed, released and supported by Highland Marketing