Survd is a simple, affordable application for localized survey management right on your own website. Simply upload Survd to your site, run through the quick and easy installation process and start creating your surveys in a snap.

There are no survey or response restrictions and no recurring monthly fees.

Once the application is installed, it's just a matter of plugging a few snippets of code into your site and Survd will take care of the rest, generating a semantic, usable form through which to accept user responses, and all the backend requirements to capture and save each submission.

Here are just a few reasons why Survd could be the perfect solution for your next website project:

Truly Localized Surveys

With many survey solutions, you are required to send your users to a different URL to complete the survey, or to rely on an external server for resources. With others that may run on your own server, you need to build custom themes or templates in order to make the survey match your overall site design.

Survd takes a different, more progressive approach.

Embracing JavaScript and the jQuery framework, Survd will actually inject your survey into a targeted, HTML element, anywhere on any page of your site. From short polls in your sidebar or footer, to full length customer surveys in the body area, Survd gives you the power to control exactly where you want your survey to appear!

Save hours in development

It's a fact: many web designers and developers hate working with forms, and setting up a new survey functionality on your website can involve hours of tedious form creation, and scripting for validation and submissions.

Survd can help save you on development time by doing the dirty work for you.

When surveys are injected into your site, Survd works to create semantic, usable forms. It also provides extensive, built-in validation functionality, AJAX-based submission and automatic processing, making survey deployment quick, easy and painless.

Create surveys quickly & easily

In addition to cutting down on general coding time, Survd also works to minimize the amount of time it takes to actually develop your surveys.

Creating surveys with Survd is simple and easy.

Just log in to the administration area and use the simple and attractive interface to create a new survey, define your questions, set up a few details and save. Your survey is now ready to be deployed on your website!

Use your own styles

If there's one thing that drives the development team here at Survd nuts, it would probably be website addons and widgets that try to take design decisions into their own hands by providing their own, built-in styles, many of which often conflict with the existing design of a site.

Survd is entirely uninvasive.

When you inject a Survd survey into your site, it will appear as plain, unstyled HTML. With plenty of built in classes, and the ability to define custom classes on a question-by-question basis, Survd is specifically engineered to offer you complete control over the presentation and design of your forms.

Simple in-app reporting

The most important part of any survey is the results, and in addition to providing built-in results processing functionality, Survd also provides you with quick but powerful access to this data through reports that include paginated, searchable tables and attractive pie charts for qualified questions.

Super easy to install

Like everything else with Survd, installing the app is a simple process. Just upload it to your server, visit the root and follow the on screen prompts. You'll be finished in minutes.

No SQL database required

Unlike some other apps, Survd runs on a simple, flat-file system, which means you don't need to know or understand mySQL databases to get it up and running.

Survd is developed, released and supported by Highland Marketing